Roller hockey

Today I fulfill the second of the challenges proposed by Safar, a ball game challenge (actually there isn’t a ball in roller hockey but a puck, but more or less…).

Roller hockey 1
Roller hockey 2

This was my first time in a roller in-line hockey match. The teams were Hockey Club Castellón (in black) and Rubí 100 Patins (white). Since the first moment it was clear that it’s a very fast-paced game, what makes difficult not only to get sharpened players but also to get them in frame. Their continuous changes of pace and direction meant a difficult task trying to take photos.

Roller hockey 3
Roller hockey 4
Roller hockey 5
Roller hockey 6
Roller hockey 7

And I must say, in my view as football (soccer) light fan, that roller hockey is greatly free-flowing and intense, and I had a very good time. As I said, this was my first experience with this game, but surely I’ll come back.

Roller hockey 8

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