A thriller

Early in the morning at an alley, a pigeon and a cat. Between them there is some food on aluminum foil, left there for some human (or perhaps a trap placed by the cunning cat?).

A pigeon and a cat

The pigeon have seen the food and have seen the cat, but is hungry (pigeons are always hungry) and approaches towards the food. The cat is stalking, stooped over in a threatening posture.

A pigeon and a cat

At the beginning, the pigeon walked relatively quick (not very quick, it’s a pigeon), but when is closer, clearly walks slower and watches the cat. The cat continues exactly in the same posture, waiting for the right moment. If this were a movie, now would be heard a suspenseful soundtrack.

A pigeon and a cat

Despite fears the pigeon continues approaching step by step, looking alternatively at the food and the cat. The predator remains immobile with muscles in tension, focused on the prey; the cat knows that if attacks from too distance, the pigeon will fly away, so it’s needed to wait until the distance is shorter.

A pigeon and a cat

The pigeon is close to the food, but hesitates watching the cat, is it worth taking the risk?. The predator seems almost leaping, perhaps waiting that the pigeon leans forward to eat, an unguarded moment is all what the hunter needs. Both are staring the other, measuring distance and reaction time. Tension fills the air.

A pigeon and a cat

The photographer (me) clumsily changes his position trying to get a better angle of vision, and that causes the duel to end abruptly: the pigeon flies away, the cat stares at the photographer with a stern look on his/her face and runs away a moment later. The suspenseful soundtrack is followed by relaxing music.

A pigeon and a cat

Or maybe it wasn’t clumsiness? Maybe it was a (more or less) deliberate act to save the pigeon? For some reason, human beings tend to side with preys in their struggle with predators… unless we are the predators, because human species is certainly the most efficient and cruelest predator in the planet. And at lunch time we don’t care about the chicken (so much like this pigeon) we are eating.

In any case, both pigeon and cat remain alive and hungry. The busybody photographer continues wandering around the streets, while the cat, from some place, likely casts curses over him.

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