Two Guernicas

Guernica graffiti

A copy of a fragment of the famous Guernica, of Pablo Picasso, painted on a shutter door in Castelló, Spain. Someone showed me this graffiti some weeks ago (thanks, little owl 🙂 )

And below another fragment of the Guernica on another shutter door, in the same town but at a distance of more than 2 km. As you can see, with the same signature, Benassal 38. This one seems more recent, less deteriorated.

Guernica graffiti

I didn’t know the existence of this second graffiti, but incredibly found it, by chance, the same day that I shot the first one, just two hours later. Am I lucky, or have I paranormal abilities?

Now I wonder if Benassal 38 painted more Guernicas around, because the Picasso’s painting is not complete with these two fragments.

Note: Do you know Picasso’s physical appearance? The man in the first photo might be him.

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