Cemetery of cats


It’s the cemetery of Valencia, not a cemetery for cats but a human cemetery with cats living there. A lot of cats.




cat in cemetery

I don’t know if it is a a common thing or characteristic of this cemetery, but during my visits to the cemetery of Valencia, it was noticiable the amount of cats living there. Resting, wandering around, sometimes approaching me in pursuit of food, I guess. Even I took some photo of graves and later, reviewing it in my laptop, found that a cat was there, watching me.


Cemeteries are quiet places, obviously much safer for cats than the streets of a large city as Valencia. And surely there is a plentiful fauna in cemeteries, an island of biodiversity in cities: insects, worms, rodents, lizards, birds. A place where cats can hunt preys and haven’t threats against them. Although the guy below these lines likely wouldn’t agree with my last sentence, note his/her left ear and right eye.


Also surely there are people coming to leave food for them, as it happens at the streets as well. This is confirmed by the many signs in the cemetery prohibiting to feed cats. So it seems a perfect place if you are a cat.

four cats

cat on bench



9 replies to “Cemetery of cats

    1. Thanks. Yes, I was taking photos there during four days (pantheons, graves, etc; cats weren’t my target at the beginning) and maybe cats were suspicious about me, invading their territory during so long time.


  1. Around here, cats are everywhere. They live in backyards, parks, college. Dead people and live cats in the cemetery. They don’t share our fear of ghosts, don’t think cemeteries are a scary place.

    I like people who leave food for strays. They must be kind people. They have a special feeding corner at the college. And a cats’ feeder who goes to the small park near my house regularly.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Akismet had kept it in the spam queue, for that the delay to be published.
      Here there are many people who feed stray cats as well. Although cats always like to hunt, I think.

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