A new year starts

It seems, I’m almost sure, that the end of the world didn’t happen on June 2019, as a Christian fundamentalist named Ronald Weinland predicted. He is a great fan of this matter, because previously he had predicted the same for 2011, later 2012 and later 2013. Keep trying, Ronnie, everyone in this planet is on the edge waiting for your next prediction.

El Saler, Spain

For those dissapointed because they hoped to live (and die in) an apocalypse, don’t worry, the self-proclaimed psychic and astrologer Jeane Dixon predicted it for this year 2020 which starts today (there is no exact day). Previously she had predicted the same for 1962. Sadly she will not can keep trying when 2020 finishes and the world remains stubbornly here, because she passed away years ago.

In any case, happy new year for all the people who want the world continues existing.

3 replies to “A new year starts

  1. Great post and a great wish for all of us who prefer that the world continue, although we do wish that it would start to gain a conscience and that our humanity stops destroying the planet little by little with plastics, CO2 emissions and fossil fuels! Happy New Year and a great photo of the sun rising on Saler.

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    1. And stop the Sixth Mass Extinction, caused by hunting, meat consumption, deforestation, overfishing, ocean acidification, habitats destruction. Humanity is destroying the planet and causing the quickest mass extinction in history by many ways, it’s not only the rise of temperature. Thanks Francisco.

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