Happy New Apocalypse

There are many known traditions to start a new year. These are some of them: toast with champagne, wear red underwear, eat twelve grapes here in Spain (eating a grape with each clock bell strike at midnight on December 31), review news of the year in media, make promises for the new year that we will not keep, and lunatics predicting some apocalypse for the new year.

clouds in red

Indeed this 2021 will have its apocalypse, as each year. An American pastor, F. Kenton Beshore, claimed that the end of the world is set to begin in 2021 and will culminate in the return of Jesus Christ by 2028. A long end of the world, which will last seven years. Previously Kenton had predicted the end of the world for 1988, but unfortunately for him and his followers, it didn’t happen. That undermines a bit his credibility, in my opinion.

And a classic, Nostradamus. If you have read some of his paragraphs, there are two conclusions: one, likely he used to eat mushroom or some other hallucinogen; two, his texts are so cryptic that the same paragraph can be equally interpreted as a prediction of an apocalypse or as a prediction of your favorite football team winning the Champions League. Those who like this sort of events have decided that Nostradamus predicted for 2021 a zombie apocalypse (yeah, you have read it right, zombie). If that isn’t enough, there will be, according to the experts in Nostradamus, huge solar storms, and also one or more asteroids will crash on the Earth causing massive earthquakes and other natural disasters. And we were thinking that 2020 had been a bad year, because of the Covid!

Anyway, Happy 2021.



11 replies to “Happy New Apocalypse

  1. Every generation since the death of Christ has predicted the apocalypse in their lifetime. There will be natural disasters. There will be wars and rumors of war. Someday, something will wipe out the human race. It may be the natural death of the sun, it may be a meteor strike, it may be a race of robots or some advanced machine intelligence. One thing for certain, we won’t know about and won’t be able to predict it until its upon us.

    The picture is great.

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    1. Yes, Earthwatcher, for some reason that I really don’t understand, some people has a strange fascination with the end of the world and the annihilation of mankind. And nowadays these lunatics and their lunatic followers can spread their predictions/wishes much more than the past centuries.

      Thanks for your comment. Just a sunset at the right time, but I thought that clouds like fire match for this matter. 🙂


  2. I remember reading an article about the best bikes for the apocalypse and there were ten. I’m going with the KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition. Cheers!

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