A line in the water

A few days ago I read an article (in Spanish) with that title, “Una raya en el agua” (a line in the water). That is the New Year, “a pathetic effort of the tiny human being trying to draw lines at the time in order to understand or, perhaps, apprehend it” (Elisa Beni). The calendar’s year count increments by one, then what?. Nothing. However we keep behaving as if passing from the December 31 to the January 1 were something with a deep meaning.

And right now I’m doing it in this post 🙂 I’ve chosen my favorite photos published in 2020. They are not the ones with more likes, simply the ones which I like the most. That is very personal, and likely other people would have chosen other photos, or perhaps I would have chosen other photos tomorrow.

Here they are, in chronological order.

Four people in silhouette
February 2020
raining at a street
March 2020
April 2020
two pigeons on a balcony
May 2020
a cyclist
May 2020
railway station
September 2020 – Estació del Nord, València (Spain)
heron on water
October 2020 – L’Albufera de València (Spain)

And also I want to publish here one more photo, this one was published before, in 2019. But it is yet the one I like the most, and so I want it in this little review. After all, the division between 2019 and 2020 was just a line in the water.

a woman at an underpass
July 2019

6 replies to “A line in the water

  1. I feel your meaning keenly, Samuel. All these “dates” and “events” so often feel like they are but lines in the sand….so arbitrary….so soon to be washed away.

    This reminds me of the words that the poet John Keat’s, as he was dying, asked his friend Joseph Severn to have put on his gravestone:

    “Here lies one whose name was writ in water.”

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    1. Hello Johnny. Indeed, it’s an arbitrary attempt of compartmentalise something that can’t be compartmentalised, as it’s the time. I didn’t know that about John Keats, thanks for your input.

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