Ghosts in abandoned village: La Cornudilla

A long time ago (February 22), in a galaxy far, far away (99 km) I did this report. Those far days in a different era, when we could go outside, have a coffee or a beer in a bar, meet friends and relatives (even hugging or kissing them!), etc.


La Cornudilla was a small village in the municipality of Requena in Spain. It was abandoned in the 1950’s, as many other small villages were and continue being abandoned. However, this one is different because the reason to be abandoned wasn’t the usual: people fled because of fear to ghosts.


In the mid-1950s people started to hear, during nights, strange murmurs, moans, cries, and sometimes spooky shadows were seen. It lasted some time and then ended, except in a home. It seemed that all the poltergeists focused in that house, which was called “the house of the noise”.


In “the house of the noise”, every night there were strange and scary events: yells, children crying, sounds of chains, screeches from the well, … The familiy living in that home left it and moved to another village. But the noises in “the house of the noise” continued, and soon the rest of inhabitants fled as well, leaving La Cornudilla without alive human beings.

Decades later, the buildings are in ruins, all them, except one which continues standing: “the house of the noise”.


Until here, what I did read in internet. Now the reality that I found. Just what you can see in the photos: a few buildings totally in ruins, including “the house of the noise” (no idea which one it was, but anyway all them are in ruins). And the only cry I heard was from my dog, when she was running around and twisted a paw accidentally.


One of the articles I did read was written in 2010, other one in 2011, the last one in 2016. Even in 2016, there was at least a house standing, the famous house. It withstood during 60 years after its abandonment but collapsed in some moment of the last four years.


It was dissapointing, not because I expected to hear or see ghosts. I’m not a believer in ghosts, poltergeists, spirits and all that. I hoped to find at least that “house of the noise” and come into to take some scary photo, but there weren’t any building to come into.


P.S.: for those worried about the dog, she got well in a moment and soon was running again.

dog running


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