Abandoned sanatorium: Mental home of Cheste II

Second part of the post about the abandoned sanatorium of Cheste. After telling the paranormal version in the first part, now the normal version.

sanatorium of Cheste

Normal version

It was founded in 1972 according to some sources, 1980 according to others. It’s curious that discrepancy, but anyway it was later than the paranormal version, maybe because abuse on psychiatric patients was more plausible as one goes further back in time.

sanatorium of Cheste

Its owner was an association of parents of children with mental disabilities, so I don’t think that the parents approve the horrors that the paranormal version tells. Also it was not a hospital with confined patients, but a daycare center: children were brought here by their parents in the morning, received cares and therapies, and came back home in the evening.

sanatorium of Cheste

sanatorium of Cheste

Because of economic issues of the association, it became public property in 1986. Finally it was closed in 2001, to continue its activity in other place. Some years after its cloisure the building suffered a fire, likely caused by some of the groups which came here to do weird things, or just due vandalism. There were no deaths because of the fire; perhaps this, and not a conspiracy of silence, is the reason to not find news about deaths.

sanatorium of Cheste

Indeed the place has been profusely visited, even there are directional arrows painted on the floor like in a hiking rout (you can see one of them in the next photo). Good thing to not get lost in these long corridors.

sanatorium of Cheste

Many paranormal fans have come trying to get (and getting) “proofs” of paranormal phenomena. Is there any place in the world where these people wouldn’t get proofs of paranormal phenomena, if they try? But it seems that graffitti artists are most frequent visitors, it’s difficult to find a piece of wall without graffitti.

sanatorium of Cheste



Careful observers likely have noticed that ghostly apparitions aren’t seen at my photos. Also I’ll say that I didn’t hear screams nor sobs, not even a throat clearing. During my stay in the building my greatest fear was to stumble due the debris.

sanatorium of Cheste
Cheste at the background

As additional fun note, the journalist who did a broadcast about the sanatorium (mentioned in the first post), recently fell from grace for his followers and was accused as traitor because, in a moment of honesty, he said that the Covid19 pandemic is real and is happening!!! That isn’t what conspiranoics want to hear.

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